Training Manual on Enhancing Attitudes of Police towards Survivors of Violence Against Women

Training Manual on Enhancing Attitudes of Police

UN Women Pakistan has developed a Training Manual on Enhancing Attitudes of Police towards Survivors of Violence Against Women with the aim to enhance the capacity of law enforcement officials for understanding gender dynamics and issues related to violence against women as well as dealing with VAW cases.

A Training Needs Assessment conducted before developing this manual informed that while there are many trainings on the skills and methods police officers need to apply in their work, the missing element is on changing their attitudes and behaviors, based on a gender-sensitive understanding of VAW. When police personnel are unable to deal with issues of VAW with sensitivity, empathy and responsiveness, it risks re-traumatizing survivors, impacts their trust of the system, and hinders women from accessing justice and support. In response to the situation, this manual will fill address the need to enhance understanding and capacity of police personnel to deal with the rising instances of VAW.

Through this manual the following components will be incorporated in police trainings:

Attitudinal/ behavioral change for creating sensitivity towards VAW survivors

Preventive strategies for creating awareness and building community trust to prevent VAW

In addition, this manual also covers the following:

  • International laws and covenants applicable to cases of VAW;
  • National and provincial laws related to women, particularly VAW;
  • Coordination and cooperation with relevant departments through case studies

The activities of this manual are designed with practical exercises and can be used by national and provincial police departments, police training academies and other organizations as a guide to orient and sensitize law enforcement officials for attitude and behavior change through imparting information regarding concepts, laws, mechanisms, and procedures for dealing with cases of VAW.

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