Women Peacekeeping: Barrier Assessment in the Recruitment and Retention of Pakistani Women Peacekeepers

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Dr. Farah Naz | UN Women

While Pakistan boasts the sixth-highest number of women staff officers and military observers in UN peacekeeping missions, achieving the global target of 15 per cent of women in troop deployment remains a challenge. As of 2023, Pakistan's troop deployment still reflects a significant gender gap.

Pakistan is committed to reach gender parity in all segments of peacekeeping; however, a myriad set of challenges remain in meeting the 15 per cent threshold that is the global target set by the UN for women serving in military contingents. Cultural norms, institutional barriers and the perception of peacekeeping as a solely masculine domain continue to impede progress globally and in Pakistan.

The research report, ‘Women Peacekeeping: Barrier Assessment in the Recruitment and Retention of Pakistani Women Peacekeepers ‘, not only sheds light to the challenge in the recruitment and service of Pakistani women peacekeepers in the UN Peacekeeping missions but also showcases the success stories of Pakistani women peacekeepers who have broken barriers. It delves not only into the imperative of increasing women’s participant in peacekeeping, but also into the transformative impact of women in peacekeeping missions.

The focus should not solely be on quotas or statistics. The future of peacekeeping hinges on recognizing the transformative power of women and their untapped potential. 

The research targets policy makers, UN and multilateral institutions, think tanks, and academics working on peacekeeping. It provides recommendations to address these challenges and unlock the potential of women peacekeepers.

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